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Healthy skin….. Happiness galore

Our skin is our pride. A persons’ appearance and complexion are intricately dependent on his/her skin which may quite often be damaged by various conditions.

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Mums transformation from the first to the second baby:

Disciplining children is a very important aspect of parenting. As a parent we need to set ground rules that will help teach our children that there are socially acceptable norms of behaviour.

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What can keep your 12 month – 24 month old child happy & occupied…

Happy toddlers are ones that are kept occupied and busy. Spending time with your toddler is one of the best things that you can do for your child.

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Happy Family: Tips to keep the love alive when you are married with kids

As your family grows, responsibility and generally the things that needs getting done around the household increases. You and you partner will have to manage work, household chores, school runs

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Playtime Happiness: Ideal Toys to Introduce to a Toddler

Playtime is often actually learning time for children. Learning through play will help them learn a concept or develop their skills.

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How to Choose a Good Day Care Center

Finding a good day care centre that will suit your purpose is very important. It is a daunting task as you are probably heading back to work

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Choosing the complimentary type of early education for your youngst

As your toddler starts getting older you will find yourself looking for good pre-school education. Wherever you are in Sri Lanka, chances are there will be no shortage of preschools.

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The battle of Cloth vs. Disposable Diapers in the local context…

some of your friends insisting that cloth diapers are the best and then there will be others who will talk about the ease and comfort..

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