The battle of Cloth vs. Disposable Diapers in the local context…

some of your friends insisting that cloth diapers are the best and then there will be others who will talk about the ease and comfort of disposable diapers and how each is absolutely the best.


You are likely to start thinking of which kind of diaper you’d want your baby in by around the time you are shopping and preparing all the stuff for you little one’s arrival. Of course, nothing but the best is what you’d want for your little one and you’d want to carefully think it over and make a decision. There are a lot of factors to consider and based on these you can consider which you’d go for or whether you’d like to try out a combination.


In this post, we thought we’d help you make that decision and give you details on what to expect when you are using them!


Cloth Diapers


Growing up, if you had younger siblings, you’d be familiar with the traditional cloth diapers, the kind you fold and use. These varieties used to be made with a soft cloth and had to be fastened using safety pins. Well, nowadays the cloth diaper has pretty much evolved and you will find quite a bit of variety.



As always you have the traditional terry cloth diapers. You can buy the ones that are already stitched, these come in white and pastel shades or you can purchase the material and get them stitched. There are also pre-folded diapers. The pre-folded ones are very much like the normal terry cloth ones but the difference is that it has a thick padded centre. You also get the option of contour diapers which are shaped like an hourglass. These sometimes have Velcro strips to help fasten them or alternatively you might have to use safety pins. Fitted diapers are shaped very much like the contour but have elastic around the legs and waist and fit the baby better and help prevent leakages. The fitted diapers at most times have the velcro or snap buttons.


You can use any one of these cloth diapers, as always there might be cost differences between them with the normal terry ones being the most economical.


Advantages of Cloth Diapers:


Comparatively cheaper – Cloth diapers will always be cost effective than disposables. If you are looking for an economic option, cloth diapers will definitely be what you want to use. You can keep reusing them with proper washing. You will also be able to use them later on a second child. Considering that you can re-use them again and again as well as use them for another child, cloth nappies are easily the option that most parents use.


Natural – cotton obviously is a natural material and thus very safe to use on babies. It’s also less likely to cause allergies. Cotton also lets you baby’s skin breath.

Potty training is much easier – Since cloth diapers get soaked, little ones feel the wetness and are less comfortable in them. Most parents find that children who are on cloth diapers are easier to potty train as they welcome the use of the potty.


Disadvantages of Cloth Diapers:


It’s not that convenient – changing times prove cloth diapers to be not as easy as compared to disposable diapers. If you are planning on using cloth diapers, you need to have a changing mat which can possibly get messy during the changing process. Additionally, the diaper can get soaked and can leak onto the cot linen or the person holding the baby. You will also need to get plastic cot sheets to help protect the mattress. Due to hygienic reasons, you will need to wash the soiled diapers as soon as possible and not leave them for later. So you will find that cloth diapers are not the easiest to use, especially during the first few weeks after you’ve had your baby and if you don’t have any help taking care of the baby.


Preparation – you will need to iron cloth diapers and probably fold them and keep them so they are ready to be used as they are needed.


Need to be secured – you need to use safety pins that are used specifically for babies with safety locks to prevent possible accidents.


Not suitable for travel –cloth diapers are way too messy to be used during travel. Storing dirty diapers and washing them is too complicated when travelling and while on holiday.


Disposable Diapers

Disposable Diapers are definitely the most costly alternative of the two. Nevertheless, don’t let cost be a reason to not use diapers.

Luckily there’s quite a variety of disposable diaper brands available locally. Some of them are locally manufactured while some are manufactured overseas. Prices of these vary and it’s always best to do a survey as well as try a few out before you decide on which would be the best to use. Also always purchase diapers that are manufactured by a reputed brand as they usually use material that are skin friendly as well have researched into technology that can lock-in moisture and keep baby dry and comfortable.


Advantages of disposable diapers


Very convenient – There is nothing wrong with convenience, it does not make you a lazy mother, particularly if you don’t have any help, or are on holiday or even travelling to see the doctor. The fact that most of the times there aren’t any leaks and other clothing doesn’t get soaked is definitely an advantage of disposables. In addition, it is super convenient in that there is no need to wash, iron or fold them.


Easy to travel – disposables are an easier choice when travelling.


Less leakages – so much less messier and likelihood of leakages are comparatively much less.
Helpful for long night rest – Babies who are on disposable diapers through the night sleep better, so it’s helpful if you are training the baby or need baby to sleep longer periods in the night.


Disadvantages of disposable diapers.


Nappy Rash – babies that are on disposable diapers 24/7 may be more inclined to get nappy rashes though this will not happen if you let your baby have some diaper free time as well as use a barrier cream that is available locally which you can apply on your baby’s bottom before you put on the diaper.


Harder to potty train – Most often babies and toddlers are dry and comfortable when wearing disposable diapers. Since they are comfortable there may be a possibility that they could be harder to potty train.


More expensive – disposable diapers are definitely the more expensive choice.


Whichever kind of diaper you plan on using, you may find yourself needing to use a combination of the two at times, so purchase a few of both kinds so you can try them out and see which one is more convenient and which one your little baby likes. After all keeping Baby Happy is the most important thing!

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