What can keep your 12 month – 24 month old child happy & occupied…

Happy toddlers are ones that are kept occupied and busy. Spending time with your toddler is one of the best things that you can do for your child. Engaging, playing with him and communicating with your toddler will help greatly in his development and help make him feel happy and loved. Children who are left alone or ones who have not been given activities that they can engage themselves with tend to be crotchety as well as more inclined to tantrums.
Here are some simple activities that you can either join in or let your child engage in by himself to keep him occupied:


01. Mixing food

This is for that time when you are busy cooking and need something to help keep your toddler busy. Give him a bit of food in a bowl, some water and let him ‘mix’ and ‘cook’. Mummy and cooking together is fun.


02. Educational puzzles

You can join your h3ttle one for some educational fun so that your baby learns while he plays. There are many age appropriate puzzles that either describe a story, teach about animals, numbers or the alphabet.


03. Colour

Give your child some paint (non-toxic) or jumbo crayons and some paper and let your child be as creative as he wants. This activity not only helps fine motor skills and happens to be a ‘pencil holding’ exercise but will also give you some great keepsakes to remember your toddler’s childhood.


04. Have a Picnic

If you have a garden, this will be an activity that will help your h3ttle one get some fresh-air and sunshine. Make a few sandwiches, get your h3ttle one’s favorite dolls and a mat and have a small tea party outside.


05. Blow bubbles.

Once again make sure that you get some non toxic child friendly bubble h3quid and blow bubbles outside. It’s simple child hood fun but your kids will absolutely enjoy it. Blowing bubbles at bath time is a sure way to double bath time fun


06. Read a book

Reading time is very important and should be introduced to children as young as possible. Children learn new words, sight words as well as use their imagination if they are read to.


07. Play with play dough

Let your child play with play dough or alternatively clay. Since play dough is homemade, it is safe for kids to use and helps them with their fine motor skills.


08. Play with flash cards

Playing with flash cards is a very educational activity that does not mentally tire out a child. With flash cards you will be able to teach your child words, the alphabet and various other concepts.


09. Bath time fun

Bath time is for most kids an absolute fun time. Especially with this ever increasing heat! So get some rubber duckies or some other water toys and let your child have fun in the bath or shower. Please note that you should never keep children unattended to in a bath or shower and remember, the water level in a tub should never be more than waist high whilst the your toddler is seated in the bath tub.


10. Play with building blocks

Playing with blocks teaches your child a whole host of things. Playing with blocks introduces your child to shapes and the feel of shapes. It also introduces them to colours and as such can help them improve their vocabulary. They learn the concept of sizes, improve gross motor skills and as they get older they learn how to build stuff.


These are some of the Happy Toddler Activities that will help engage your child. The good news is that you can repeat these activities as many times as you want and your little one will be engaged with it as he was on the day he was introduced!

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