Your changing body during pregnancy

Being aware of these changes help mums to not mistake these occurrences as symptoms of other diseases and enables them to be better prepared for the responsible role of motherhood.


Changes in the first trimester (1 – 3 months)


Stop of monthly menstrual periods

The first change a pregnant mother experiences is the discontinuation of her menstrual periods during these nine months.


Nausea or vomitishness

Nausea is an early sign of pregnancy. Normally Nausea takes place within 2 weeks of pregnancy. Some suffer from this severely and are even admitted in hospital for treatment.


Changes in breasts

After becoming pregnant, mothers feel a rupturing nature and pain in the breasts together with an enlargement of size.

All or few of the following features can be seen in the early stages of pregnancy in a mother.
• Fatigue/ tiredness
• Headache
• Back pain
• Frequent urination
• Bitter taste in mouth
• Loss of appetite


Changes in the second trimester (3 – 6 months)


The prominent changes of the first trimester such as nausea, loss of appetite and most other changes reduce gradually. But characteristic changes occur during the second trimester.


Enlargement of abdomen

Gradual enlargement of abdomen starts during this period.


Movements of child

Around completion of 20 weeks of the fetus, movements of the child begin to be felt by the mother. This is known as quickening and it is a wonderful experience felt by the mother.



Progesterone is a hormone secreted by the mother during pregnancy. Increase of this hormone results in constipation. Intake of beverages and foods rich in fiber will help relieve this situation.


Discomfort in lower abdomen

Discomfort or pain in lower abdomen may arise during this period. No other measures are permitted other than taking mild pain killers.


Changes in the third trimester (6 – 9 months)


This is known as the period in which the mother prepares herself for labour.


Darkening of the body

During this period, especially during the last few weeks there is a possibility of the body becoming dark. There is a chance of formation of scars in the body. This is temporary in a pregnant mother. Skin disorders pertaining to pregnancy are also seen rarely. A Doctors advise should be sought for in these instances.


Swelling of foot and ankle region

Swelling around ankle region in foot can be seen in most mothers. This is a normal condition. But swelling of foot, face and hand with high blood pressure due to the disease condition preeclampsia also may occur. Mothers must consult and obtain treatment from a doctor in these cases.


Pain related to wrist region

Another problem faced by pregnant mothers during the last few months is pain and swelling around the wrist region. This is known as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. Tingling of hands and tingling of fingers are symptoms of this condition. It is more evident during night times. The reason for this is the tightening of few nerves around the wrist region. Though it is a normal condition obtaining treatment is suitable when the pain is severe. Condition can be controlled by exercise too.


Every mother should be aware of changes that occur during pregnancy. If a symptom or pain prevails for a long time it is strictly advised to meet your gynecologist and get medical advice and treatment.

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