37 to 39 months

Your baby is four years now.



01. Physical capabilities/milestones achieved


A 37 to 39 weeks old child can run, walk, hop and balance himself while standing with one foot. He can climb stairs by stepping alternatively on each steps. He also can jump down from a step or from a small hight. He helps mom to wash himself and dressing up. He still can not do the buttons and shoelaces.


He has achieved good vision as that of a healthy adult. ( 20/20) He can copy a square and draw using pens and crayons. His speech is more meaningful and expressive so can speak in sentences and using more new words. He tries to repeat many words that his mom or dad say even without knowing their meanings.


02. Psychological capabilities/milestones achieved (cognitive development)


Playing with peers and improved communication is one of capabilities of a child of 37 to 39 weeks and above. They can get together and play simple games. He has some idea about numbers. He can count to three and some children of this age may count to ten.


As he has a lot of questions, pay attention and try to answer him in simple yet true answers.


To develop your child’s thinking and logical capabilities, you can easily involve him in simple day to day chores. Let him to put toys into the toy box, clean the house by keeping things in place. Teach him simple social etiquettes like saying “please”, “thank you” etc.


The child can say that they want to go to toilet and they are well trained to potty use. Some kids may not wet themselves at night, but you can not 100% expect so as they usually develop this ability at around 5 years.


03. Specific ailments/medical complications to look out for


Child is very active and alert at this age so he is vulnerable to meet with domestic accidents. so try to avoid them as much as possible.


As the kids in this age often starts play school / kindergarten, they are more prone to have respiratory tract infections and viral fever. Many children may get chickenpox if they have not been vaccinated .


If the child can not speak or see well it’s never too late to seek doctors advise. Some children may develop stammering at this age as they start to talk fast. Many of them grow over it but for others, speech therapy may be needed.


If your child like to stay alone and doesn’t like to keep eye contact with you you need to see a health personnel.


04. See the doctor if you see these symptoms


Vision problems, Stammering, Improper walk or run. Joint pains, Rashes and allergies. Recurrent cough. Poor eye contact or hyperactivity with aggressive behaviour.


05. Average height & weight


Refer to the child weight chart provided by the ministry of health before deciding whether your child is having the weight/height to match it’s age.

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