46 to 48 months


01. Physical capabilities/milestones achieved


A child of this age, is very active and playful. He can climb stairs alternating feet, kick a ball, ride a tricycle and even walk backwards. Now he can bend, turn around and run more confidently with a good balance.


Drawing and colouring has become his/her favourite activities at preschool. Some children talk to themselves while drawing which is perfectly normal. They can draw a man with four parts. They can name few colours, sort shapes and sizes, and recognise an object when shown in a picture.Crafting is also a good way of stimulating their creativity.


He/she can do much more fine things like putting up a clip on hair, cut with a small scissor, open and close a jar lid, and build a tower more than four blocks. They can write capital letters and numbers.


02. Psychological capabilities/milestones achieved (cognitive development)


His thinking and creativity has expanded. He now knows his name as well as the place he lives. He can tell a story and describe certain thing or and animal. He knows about time more precisely than before, as morning afternoon and night.


Many of them are properly toilet trained by now. They can wash themselves and are capable in dressing up alone for a certain extent though buttoning up is still difficult at this age.


Sing and dance along with your little one. Singing increases their vocabulary and develops their sense of rhythm whereas dancing improves balance.


As you know, children of this age like to watch cartoons and play games on computer or television. But, limit his tv time for 1 ½ hours because too much television will not only harm their eyes but also stress their mind unnecessarily. Try to negotiate with them and persuade them to stick to a proper time table.


03. Specific ailments/medical complications to look out for.


Your children’s dental care is one of the main concerns. Let them use a soft fibre toothbrush and teach them how to brush their teeth at least twice a day. Do not allow eating too much sweets because the deciduous teeth (or baby teeth) are more vulnerable to decay than secondary teeth.


Keep in mind about your three and a half year olds nutrition too. Children of this age can be easily influenced by various dyed drinks and bites. Try your best to avoid them as those dyes and food preservatives are harmful to your child. Home made meals are always the better option for your kid even when you go out to the best hotel for a meal.


04. See the doctor if you see these symptoms


Any delay in speech and other developmental delays, sudden difficulties to walk about ( muscle weaknesses) , prolonged fever episodes, infectious diseases common among preschoolers like chicken pox, dysentery, viral flues etc.. should be taken for medical attention.


05. Average height & weight


Refer to the child weight chart provided by the ministry of health before deciding whether your child is having the weight/height to match it’s age.

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