49 to 51 months


01. Physical capabilities / milestones achieved


Now your child is a master of running. He might lose his balance on uneven surfaces. So be prepared to treat simple wounds and scratches. He has good balance and he can stand on one foot for about 2 seconds.

His eye hand coordination is good and he can catch a bounced ball. Catching a ball needs good vision, good depth perception, quick enough limb movements and fine motor skills of hands. Catching a bouncing ball is a good index of motor development.


He feeds himself now. He can use sharp instruments under supervision. He understands that sharp objects will hurt him, and he makes an effort to avoid sharp edges.


02. Psychological capabilities / milestones achieved


Your child’s vocabulary is now very good. He can name some objects, shapes and colors. He has numerical awareness and understands the concept and need of counting. He has a clear idea about amount; that is the concept of having more as opposed to having less. He assesses the amount of food and sweets another child has and may ask for more just to match / exceed the other. Your child has a general idea about time. For example he knows morning, afternoon, evening and night. Your child can compare objects and can comment on them being same or different.


Your child can draw a man with 3 – 4 body parts clearly depicted. He also uses the scissors. So keep your valuable documents away. Otherwise you might unearth them in a few pieces. His hand skills have developed to a level he can copy a few capital letters.


03. Specific ailments / milestones achieved


Beware of common infections. Mainly your child gets upper respiratory infections.


04. See your doctor if you see these symptoms


Wheezing, cough, whistling like noise while breathing are known features of upper respiratory infections.


05. Average weight and height


Refer to the child weight chart provided by the ministry of health before deciding whether your child is having the weight/height to match it’s age.

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