52 to 54 months


01. Physical capabilities / milestones achieved


During older years motor skills develop slowly compared to early childhood. By middle of the 5th year your child sharpens his previously gained abilities. He can stand on one foot for a bit longer than 2 seconds. He can use simple instruments like scissors with improving skill and competence.


02. Psychological capabilities / milestones achieved


By now your child can play simple board games and card games. He might not yet understand poker. But he is able to follow a few simple rules while playing.


He reads stories and makes his own opinion on them. He understands the plot of simple kids’ stories and tells you what he thinks is going to happen in the story. He understands the basic differences in gender. He uses “he” and “she” correctly in sentences. He follows a few simple rules of grammar and applies them when he speaks. He is capable of memorizing a simple nursery rhyme and reciting it on demand.


He has basic control over tone and pitch of his voice and he can sing simple songs.


He is now becoming Hans Christian Anderson. He tells simple stories with enthusiasm.


He also knows to say both first and last name.


He is an adventurer who enjoys trying new things out. This is due to his inbuilt irresistible urge to learn. He engages actively in new things and shows his excitement both physically and verbally. He is really in to make believe play. He is much more creative in it.


03. Specific ailments / medical conditions to look out for


Still the simple common infective diseases top the list.


04. See your doctor if you see these symptoms


Be aware of your child’s activity level. He most likely will be lethargic if there’s something wrong.


05. Average weight and height


Refer to the child weight chart provided by the ministry of health before deciding whether your child is having the weight/height to match it’s age.

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