5 months

01. See your doctor if your see these symptoms


Follow your doctor’s advice. Ask him questions and get to know about common illnesses and what you can do to prevent them.


02. Physical capabilities / milestones achieved


Your baby can now sit without support for a moment. He sits with a curved back. Be prepared to catch him when he falls. Sitting strengthens his trunk muscles that keeps him upright. Give him a bit of exercise by making him sit for a while every day.


He can now roll over on to his stomach and back again.


Your baby plays with his hands a lot. He sooths and amuses himself by putting his hands in his mouth and sucking on them.


Your baby puts everything into his mouth. This may be because he is geared by nature to explore things and his tongue fills with more and more taste buds.


His vision gets better by the minute. He now track objects through a wider field of vision. He can distinguish between small objects. He may have favorite toys by now.


03. Psychological capabilities / milestones achieved


Your baby now knows to look at you when you call him by name. Your baby adds new sounds to his vocabulary. He uses them very often during his little chats with you.


He laughs when you make funny faces and tries to copy them to hilarious results. With a good sleep wake cycle, your baby tends to sleep through the night, giving you blessed relief. Your baby may sleep a bit during day time as well. Sleep is very important because much of his growth occurs during sleep.


04. Specific ailments / medical conditions to look out for


Just keep an eye on your baby for any change in his activity level. That is the first sign of trouble in most cases.


05. Average weight and height


Refer to the child weight chart provided by the ministry of health before deciding whether your child is having the weight/height to match it’s age.

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