6 months

01. See your doctor if you see these symptoms


Fever is a common problem during at this age. You need to be extra careful about fever from 6 months to 6 years because babies can have fits with high fever. If your baby gets a fit during high fever, place him face down so he doesn’t aspirate saliva, head a bit below feet level and cool his body to control the fever. Usually fits do not last long. Some can last longer and therefore take him to a doctor just in case.


02. Physical capabilities / milestones achieved


Your baby is like a steam roller now. He rolls from back to front and front to back quickly. He sits without support, with a curved back. He sits steadily, showing better balance and weight bearing ability of his trunk muscles. Your baby can bear a bit of weight on his legs when you prop him up and make him stand. He may bounce on his little legs when you stand him up with support.


Your baby tries to get at things out of reach. He handles toys well and passes small objects from one hand to the other. He still puts everything in his mouth.


03. Psychological capabilities / milestones achieved


Your baby recognizes familiar faces and shows anxiety when presented with a strange face. He prefers playing with parents and responds to others’ emotions as well as voices. Your baby loves looking at himself in the mirror.
Your baby is now very curious about things around him. He reaches out to things out of reach and cries to have it brought to him.


He babbles continuously with strings of vowels. He can drag on a single sound for a while now.


04. Specific ailments / medical condition to look out for


Vaccination time. You need to give your baby the third cycle of OPV and pentavalent vaccines. You have already given two cycles; one at 2 months, and another at 4 months. Make sure to keep a gap of 6-8 weeks between this and the last cycle.


05. Average weight and height


Refer to the child weight chart provided by the ministry of health before deciding whether your child is having the weight/height to match it’s age.

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