70 to 72 months

01. Physical capabilities / milestones achieved


Your child grows up quickly. He loses about 4 milk teeth per year and new permanent teeth replace these.

His motor skills develop steadily. Gone are the days of frequent falls and skinned knees. He is capable of instinctive protective movements like putting his hands forwards while falling to protect his face and head.

He is very coordinated now. He can hold a pencil properly and write his name. He can draw a person with at least 12 parts correctly depicted.


02. Psychological capabilities / milestones achieved


Your child has a good understanding about time. He understands the differences between seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years.

He continues to learn new things. Now he prefers a particular learning method. Some like to do stuff hands on while others like to read or listen or observe.

He can do simple math using beads etc.

He was a problem solver from an early age. Previously his view in to problems were self-centered and restricted to a single point of view. Now he is capable of looking in to the matter from a few different perspectives. He addresses issue one by one.

Your child has an excellent vocabulary now. He talks a lot when in comfortable surroundings. So you can have long chats with him. His pronunciation is much better now.


03. Specific ailments / medical conditions to look out for


Infections, allergies, injuries top the problem list. In addition, problems in coping with the increasingly complex social interactions will manifest themselves.


04. See your doctor if you see these symptoms


Your child will most probably tell you whenever he is uncomfortable. Pay attention. Look at his activity level, behavior and emotions. If you see anything to be concerned about, seek medical advice.


05. Average weight and height


Refer to the child weight chart provided by the ministry of health before deciding whether your child is having the weight/height to match it’s age.


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