Dressed Up For Happiness: Baby Clothing Options in Colombo Reviewed

Having a baby is an exciting time in your life. Among the many things that you will be looking forward to doing with your baby is of course dressing your baby up! Certainly, as always you’d want nothing but the best for your baby. This extends to clothing options.


In Sri Lanka, due to mainly the warm weather, you should get a variety of clothes that are cotton and are skin friendly. When you are looking for baby attire, look for comfy cotton material and other fabric that are hypo-allergenic. You will also have to stock a few clothing for the relatively cooler days that are there on and off.


Traditionally, most newborns and small ones are dressed in what is known as ‘baby shirts’. These are very climate friendly and easy to dress and take off the baby. They come in different designs – plain coloured, smocked, stitched with designs on it, etc. It’s actually quite limitless on how fashionable you want your little one to be as long as you think practically.


A few years ago, there weren’t many baby shops around. Some of us used to get our grandparents (i.e. the baby’s great grandparents!) to sew these lovely baby shirts and they become all the more precious! Nevertheless, quite luckily there are many baby attire shops in and around Colombo that offer quality and affordable clothing options for newborns and babies.


Dressing up your baby is fun but at all times, be conscious of the climate and you can have your baby comfortable in baby shirts, baby vests, little body suits as well as little dresses, t-shirts and pants! Listed below are few of the shops that we know sell quality and affordable baby attire:




Arista is a Baby & Kids Clothing Shop that has branches in Colombo (Thimbirigasyaya Road, Havelock Road, Liberty Plaza, Pellawatte and K-zone Kattubeda). Arista stocks up all kinds of baby attire such as baby shirts, body suits and baby linen. Additionally, they are a part of the Velona Group of Companies, they produce the very famous baby vests that parents have been buying for decades. From newborn to toddler sizes, Velona baby vests are a household name for keeping children comfortable during our hot Sri Lankan weather. Ask anyone; at some point, their kids would have been in a Velona Baby Vest! They come in various colours and designs and are so soft, you’ll know how comfortable there by simply touching them. They also have clothing for toddlers and international brands too that are very decently priced. Arista is definitely a shop worth taking a look at when you are buying your baby clothing.


Address: 216, Havelock Road, Colombo 05
Telephone: 0712360035
Website: https://www.facebook.com/arista.threadworks
Branches: Thimbirigasyaya Road, Havelock Road, Liberty Plaza, Pellawatte and K-zone Kattubeda


Blooms & Butterflies


Bloom & Butterflies is yet another shop that carries baby clothing, linen and baby furniture. The store is located on Baseline Road. They also have another outlet at Ja-Ela K-Zone. Bloom & Butterflies have beautiful hand sewn baby shirts, baby frocks, pyjamas, booties and other attire for newborns and toddlers. They also have some beautiful baby Christening Robes that you can buy made to order or off the shelf. They also undertake orders for baby attire and baby linen, so if you have something specific in mind, Blooms & Butterflies is certainly worth taking a look at.


Address: 69/1, Elvitigala Mawatha , Borella
Telephone: +94 112680334, +94 71922422
Website: www.bloomsandbutterflies.lk
Branches: Baseline Road, Ja-Ela


Elegant Smockers


Elegant Smockers is a baby store that carries baby clothing as well as baby linen. They too stitch to order . There designs are quaint and have Baby Christening Robes.


Address: No. 76B, Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka.
Telephone : +94 72 226 4444
Website: http://www.elegantsmockers.com/
Branches: Dharmapala Mawatha, Havelock Road.


Geghush Kids


Genhush is a quaint little shop in Nawala that makes baby clothing and linen to-order. They have baby clothing such as the traditional baby shirts as well as the baby body suits. Their outlet is conveniently located near Ninewells Hospital, so if you are off to an appointment with your doctor, try and take a few minutes to check their stuff.


Address: 403B, Nawala Road, Nawala
Telephone: +94721722198, +94727070700
Website: https://www.facebook.com/geghushkids




Mothercare is a British brand that has been around for generations. They have their main outlets at Duplication Road as well as at Kandy City Center. Along with these two outlets, you’ll find some of their products available at some Odel outlets and Kzone Outlets. You can find lovely baby clothing, particularly if you are looking for baby shorts/trousers, t-shirts and little dresses for as small as newborn babies. They are also particularly good for baby body suits. Mothercare products are particularly good for when the weather turns slightly cooler in Sri Lanka.


Address: Colombo: 7, Duplication Road, Colombo-5. Kandy: 30, L3, Kandy City Centre.
Telephone: +94 115 882 882, +94 815 701 701
Website: http://www.mothercare.com/
Branches: Duplication Road, Kandy City Center, Selected Odel and KZone outlets.


You can go absolutely mad with joy looking at the lovely designs and cute clothes that are available for children locally. We hope our list of shops will help dress your baby for happiness!

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