How to Choose a Good Day Care Center

Finding a good day care centre that will suit your purpose is very important. It is a daunting task as you are probably heading back to work and need to make sure that your little one is in a safe and secure environment that will take care of your little one with absolutely no compromises.


Start the process of looking out for a day care well ahead of the day you need to start using their services. I would recommend that you look for one at least three months ahead. Here are some tips that will help make the process of looking for a good day care more precise and less stressful:


  • Decide on the location of the day care centre for your little one. Ideally this should be close to your office or your partner’s office so that you have easy and quick access to your baby.

  • Once you know which area you’re on the lookout for, ask for recommendations from your friends and office colleagues. Asking for recommendations from known people will help you weed out some probable centres as well as give you information on the ones that you should not consider.

  • Make some initial calls to the centres that sound like good options so that you can check out details on their costs and other relevant details.

  • Never make an appointment to check out a Day Care Centre. It’s always good to simply walk in and check out their services. This way you would see a centre without them making any preparations and possible ‘staged’ routines. This way you’d also be able to better see their facilities particularly their safety and cleanliness factors more accurately.

  • Once you are there to view a day care centre, be very diligent. You can never ask too many questions and a good day care centre will recognise your need to make sure everything is up to your satisfaction. You need to be a 100% sure of all details regarding the place where you will be possibly leaving your child without you. So do not hesitate about asking for information. These are some of the details you need to get on your day care:

    1. Ask about the staff available including their caregiver to child ratio. Ideally there should be 1 caregiver for 3 to 4 infants and 1 care giver for 4 to 6 toddlers.
    2. Ask how many other support staff are available including which their sex. Always be aware of the different people who can have access to your child.
    3. Ask for qualifications of caregivers.
    4. Check out safety procedures including first aid and note down what they would do in case of a medical emergency. Some day cares have standing agreements with mobile health services and these are day cares that you should strongly consider.
    5. You will also want to check out their policies on vacations so that you are better equipped to handle situations when they are closed.
  • Make sure that the day care’s core values are the same as your parenting style so that you would be most comfortable.
  • Ask for a reference list from the day care. Parents are less inclined to give false details to one another and it is always better to speak to someone who has already used their services.
  • Take your little one with you to check it out so that you can see how he comfortable he at the day care.
  • Always make a couple of visits before deciding and always make these visits unannounced so that you can see what actually goes on.
  • Do not rush in and do not make a payment to the first place that you visit. Visit a few before you make a final decision.


A combination of getting good references and making sure that you get all the details of a day Care Centre before you enrol your child will help you in the process of choosing a good day care. To ensure that your child is happy and safe at the day care centre continue to closely monitor both the day care centre and how your child behaves after being picked up.

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