Featured Play Area for Kids: The Fun Factory

I know we are all on the lookout for decent, safe and clean places to take our little ones for the sake of their entertainment. Even our tiny ones need entertainment and being cooped inside the house constantly can be boring for the tiniest of them. Additionally, going out of home/travelling is a necessary part of social development for kids.
You may be on the lookout for a place to take your little one out as a treat during a weekend or for your child to engage in activities suitable for toddlers and meet and interact with other children their age.

Fun Factory, located in Nawala is one of the places that you can take your little one to. Fun Factory is Sri Lanka’s first supervised, air-conditioned, indoor play-facility, for kids aged 0 to 10 years. Few years back, there was a severe shortage of quality places that one can take their little ones to. Luckily, Fun Factory came to be and has since been a place frequented by our kids for many years.

As I mentioned before, Fun Factory is an indoor facility that is equipped with different sections and activities where your child can have fun for hours to end. Thoughtfully planned, it has different activities that cover physical movement, quiet play, role play and a reading corner. So no matter what your child’s temperament is, there’s always something fun to do there. Some of the available facilities include – a large jungle gym with slides leading to a colourful ball pit, kids trampoline, dedicated soft play area for toddlers & infants, dramatic play zones, reading corner, costume corner, a mini market & kitchen, music corner, doll house corner and a party room.

In addition to these facilities, Fun Factory also holds workshops on special days such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s day, Halloween and of course for the holiday time. It’s best to like their Facebook Page so that you can stay updated on when they are having these workshops. They also have a dedicated area which you can use as a party venue.
Some of the main things that I personally like about Fun Factory are the level of cleanliness that they have managed to maintain throughout the years, that and the fact that the environment is child proof and is safe for kids to be around. Fun Factory is a ‘socks only’ facility meaning while you are indoors, you and your little one must be in socks, so remember to take your baby’s and your pairs of socks. In case you forget, they are also available for purchase at the reception.

They also have an outdoor cafe that caters child friendly healthy food if you want to grab a quick bite while you are there.

I can tell you from personal experience, that little ones love going over to Fun Factory! My son and I have had many many days of fun over there. I also personally love the fact that it’s a ‘socks only’ facility meaning I know that a certain level of hygiene is always maintained. Another big plus for me is the fact that it is air conditioned – kids are so much more comfortable playing in an A/C environment, especially in this heat!

Do check their Facebook page for more details, including their Calendar.


Contact Details:

Opening Times: January, February, March, May, June, September, October, November – Tuesday to Sunday 10am to 8pm.
April, July, August, December – Monday to Sunday 10am to 8pm.
Address: No. 11, School Lane, Nawala.
Hotline: +94 (0)77 360 3777
Email: info@funfactory.lk
Website: www.funfactory.lk
Facebook – FunfactoryColombo.

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