15th week

Growth of the baby


Your baby is now about 10 cm long and weighs about 75 grams. Your baby’s body’s now finally longer than the head. Baby’s legs are now longer than its arms. Your baby’s skeleton keeps calcifying and getting stronger as new bone forms. If this is your second or third pregnancy and you are used to feeling your baby kicking then you may feel a flutter of movement as early as fifteenth week. But do not worry even if you do not feel your baby moving. You can always reassure yourself with an ultrasound scan. Your baby’s external ear is almost fully developed now. The three tiny bones inside the baby’s ear that transmit sound to the sound sensors, begin to harden. Your baby’s mouth is well developed with its roof fully formed. If not your baby may have cleft palate. Ultra-thin layer of hair covers the baby’s skin. These are called “lanugo hair”. These disappear at term.


How life changes for mommy


You may want to read up about your pregnancy in preparation for the upcoming happy times. There are ante natal classes, parent crafting classes and much literature you can pursue. If you are not a first time mother a refresher would help you a lot. Ask your obstetrician about the tetanus toxoid. Your obstetrician might plan for a 4d scan of your baby. Vaginal secretions are a normal finding. Your breasts enlarge a bit.


What to do for a happy pregnancy


Your obstetrician will see you monthly during the first part of your pregnancy unless there is some indication for close follow up. You should not get any undue abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding. If you get any of these symptoms go to the emergency unit ASAP. You might need a scan.

Stick to the basics. This cannot be overemphasized. Diet, exercise and be happy.

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