1st week

Growth of the baby


Right now your baby has not even formed yet. Right now your baby is a small egg hidden inside your ovaries. On the 14th day after the first day of your last period the egg comes out of your ovaries and travels towards your womb along the fallopian tubes. Your husband’s sperms swim up to the egg and fertilize it in the fallopian tubes. This marks the very first day of your baby’s development. Now your baby is one tiny cell. It divides and grows all during its trip down the fallopian tubes. By day 6, it enters your womb and starts implanting. Implantation is when your baby anchors itself to your womb to get nutrients to grow big, strong and healthy.


How life changes for mommy


You just had your periods two weeks ago. You wouldn’t even know about the new life growing inside you. It is a normal week for you. Going to work, coming home, doing house work and worrying about this and that fills up your week.
If you planned your pregnancy, this is a different week for you. You wait anxiously to see if you are pregnant. You ask your friends, parents and your husband about it. You search online for information about the early weeks of pregnancy. If you tried and failed to conceive for a long time then you are under significant stress. Loved ones around you look at you expectantly. So much so that it becomes annoying. All the pregnancy tests come up as negative. Your worry even more.


What to do for a happy pregnancy


Don’t worry about checking if you are pregnant yet. Blood tests and urine tests for pregnancy come up as positive 10 days after you conceived. Just go about your business as usual. But there are certain precautions you need to take. Smoking and alcohol is bad for you and your baby. Ask your husband to stop smoking around you if he does, because staying around and inhaling somebody else’s smoke is just like smoking yourself. Get a balanced, healthy diet. Try to get your body weight under control. Hygiene is important to prevent infections.
Ideally, go see an obstetrician before getting pregnant. Get yourself checked out and sort any clinical conditions out. A visit to your dentist to improve your oral hygiene is very important. Start taking folic acid, iron and calcium tablets daily from about three months before getting pregnant.

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