14th week

Growth of the baby


Your baby is about 9 cm long and weighs about 50 grams. Face continues to mature and attain new born facial features. Eyes started out on the sides of your baby’s head and now they slowly move closer to each other. Your baby’s nose becomes more prominent and its ears are now fully formed. Because bones of your baby’s face calcify and thicken, its cheek bones become more prominent by the fourteenth week. Up to now your baby was bald. Scalp hair and eyebrows appear for the first time. Internal genital organs start their development well above the pelvis. Now they slowly move into their final place in the pelvis. Prostate gland appears in boys during this week. A fine film of hair grows on your baby’s skin from now on until about 26 weeks. It protects the baby’s skin.


How life changes for mommy


You womb continues to grow in size with your baby. By now the fundus is somewhere between your bikini line and your belly button. It will reach your belly button at 20 weeks. After that the fundus height in centimeters matches exactly with the age of your pregnancy. Discrepancies between the height of your fundus and the age of your pregnancy will lead to further investigations. You need to pee often but take heart as it will soon go away.


What to do for a happy pregnancy


Always go by the basics. Have a balanced diet. If you are not sure about what to eat, go see a nutritionist. He will prescribe you a diet that will keep you in shape as well as provide much needed nutrients to your baby. Moderate exercise, pelvic floor exercises should continue. Your doctor will tell about taking the tetanus toxoid. Please follow only the advice of a qualified doctor regarding the injections.

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