Roshini De Costa is this month’s featured mom-trepreneur. Apart from being the mother of gorgeous little Joshua who is two and half years old, Roshi is also the Proprietor & Designer of Couture Cups. She is super excellent at baking wonderful tasty delights such as designer cupcakes, Christmas cake, cookies, macaroons as well as themed birthday cakes. Her dedication to making quality baked goods has earned her a reputation as one of the best home bakers in Colombo who manages to deliver quality products with unique flavours. Roshi is a wonderful Mum who manages a successful business whilst being a dedicated hands-on mum. We hope that Roshi’s interview will inspire you to pursue a home business. She is a shining example of the possibilities that exist whilst being a dedicated mother.


1. What kind of work did you do before you became a mum?

I could say that I was far from becoming a baker couple of years back. I am a honors graduate In Psychology & Human Resource Management and have been attached with Administration and HR. I finally served as a shadow teacher in schools before returning to Sri Lanka. Therein, I was privileged in becoming a mom to a precious little boy.


2. How long have you been baking for?

For as long as I remember!
I have always loved baking. Around the age of 15, I baked my very first traditional Christmas cake under my grandmother’s guidance. The very first thing that I cooked (baked) for my husband, then boyfriend was a chocolate cake that I baked! However, I started baking for clients since 2013. So professionally I would say that it’s been a challenging 2 years.


3. What inspired you to start Couture Cups by Rosh?

That’s a big ‘ My Son’. I started Couture Cups the same year I gave birth to my son. I think when I had him I came to realize the worth of my skills. I then knew that just being a housewife or a stay-at-home mom will not work for me. So I put together the time I had at hand and the skills I had in me and came up with the idea of becoming a home baker. This way, I thought I could continue to give my family the same attention which has being given before plus do something that made me feel content.


4. How do you manage both your baby & the business?

I allocate my time for each task in advance as I am a firm believer in following a time plan. Of course, my Husband & Baby are priority & because of which I am able to plan out the rest of the work accordingly. I don’t take an overwhelming amount of orders because I believe in quality than quantity. Whoever who comes to me knows this and I believe this is why I have come this far in a short period of 2 years. Even though I am a little away from Colombo city limits I have a strong customer base since people know I deliver quality products.


5. What kind of support network do you have to help you be both a mom-trepreneur as well as a mom?

My husband being the forefront of my support system helps me eminently in almost everything that’s around to be done. He supports me constantly; from the time I’m decorating an order to delivering orders with me many a times without any grumble or fuss! Then come my parents and brother….. From hunting for decorations, equipment, delivering orders when they are around to babysitting my little boy while I stay busy with work, they never fail to have my back. Without these people in my life I would never have achieved all what I have till to date. I find my self profoundly blessed to have such a strong support network.


6. What is the best part about being your own boss?

I would say ‘Timing!’. I’m sure any mom would agree if I say: Being a mom is one of the most responsible and arduous full time jobs a woman can do. Working from home while being a mom can make you come across extremely unpredictable time management obstacles, which will not work out if you aren’t your boss. Being your own boss lets you play around with the time in hand while striving to achieve nothing but the best as the final result has your reputation at stake.


7. What are some of the biggest challenges you have come across after starting your business?

The biggest challenges I have had to face were the time constraints due to unavoidable circumstances at home. When working for oneself, just as working for some other, we need to plan the work accordingly & set deadlines. However, with a baby on board sticking to a plan as such becomes close to impossible at times. There had been many times where I’ve had to work 24 hours or more at a stretch to reach deadlines. Since, baking is a passion and not just a job for me, there had never been a time where I had anguished over all the long hours or sleepless nights.


8. What would your advice be to ladies who would like to start their own business after having kids?

Go ahead; nothing is impossible to us Ladies. Make sure you have a plan & research in depth about the business you have in mind. Knowing something in half and proceeding to start a business will take you nowhere and will just end up being a waste of time, resources and your energy. If you prioritize your work & family accordingly, you will not go wrong.

I am a wife, a mother, designer of my work and a baker all at the same time. The attachment within my little family is proof that I have done my very best in fulfilling family duties and my clients are proof that I have given my best at baking. So be passionate in what you chose to do & the rest will fall in place. It worked out for me and most definitely can work out for you too.

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