Packing up for a Happy Delivery

Your hospital baby delivery bag must be packed and ready- to–take a few weeks before your due date, roughly around the 34th week of your pregnancy. I’m sure you’ll be quite excited at this point and also anxious that you have packed everything you need.


As with packing most of the time, you find much later that you wish you had remembered to pack something you obviously hadn’t! So our Happy Hospital Baby Delivery List has a list of things that is commonly asked by Hospitals as well as advice from mums on what you must remember to pack!


We’ve attached here a list from a private hospital which is a recommended list of things that you should pack.


For baby


Baby shirt – 10 nos
Bath towels – 4 nos
Washable Nappies – 30 nos
Receiving blankets – 4 nos
Burp Cloths
‘Take-me-home’ outfit


For Mother


Nightdresses / Shirts/ bed jackets with front opening – 3 nos
Skirt/Pants/ wrap around skirts – 3 nos
Towel – 1 nos
Nursing Bras
Cologne, Soap, Shampoo, Cream, Toothbrush & paste


Baby Care


Baby Wipes
Diaper Rash Cream with Zinc Oxide
Baby Lotion/Cream
Sterile Cotton Balls
Baby Pins
Diapers if required


We also thought that we would get advice from some Sri Lankan Mums about what they felt was essential and they packed in their delivery bag:


“I packed everything I was supposed to, but no one told me that I needed to get disposable diapers. I should have. You must take a small packet of newborn diapers with you. Also don’t forget to buy high-waisted panties – you need them if it’s a C-section. You also need breast pads and feeding bras!”
Sonali, Mum of Rushika Age 2


“Don’t forget to pack a hair scrunchie or the hair clip – I remember me forgetting it and having to borrow my mother’s. I rushed out in the morning when my water broke and didn’t have a scrunchie in the labour room! It may seem small but is somewhat annoying having your hair falling around”
Dinali, Mum of Maya Age 6


“Get some newborn disposable diapers for you to use when you are taking baby back home. It’s convenient and you don’t have to keep stopping on the way for diaper changes☺”
Rizla, Mum of Leena Age 1


“I preferred to use a baby body suit at the hospital than the baby shirts as I found it was rather cold. I’m really glad that I packed a few of them even though they were not on the local lists”
Amali, Mum of Shena 5


“Some lists that I have seen specifically say that the baby tub, to give baby wash is usually provided by the hospital. I decided to carry my own. Due to hygienic reasons, I didn’t want my little one to use a pre-used one.”
Shenali, Mum of Binara Age 1


“Things I packed and didn’t use were all the 36 nappies that they had asked for and the 12 pins.”
Sheneka, Mum of Shaen Age 3


“The hospital asked for a wraparound skirt or cheeththa after my C-section for the first day after birth”
Mihili – Mum of Nethmi aged 1

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