Playtime Happiness: Ideal Toys to Introduce to a Toddler

Playtime is often actually learning time for children. Learning through play will help them learn a concept or develop their skills. Toys that we choose for our little ones to play with can be recreational or educational. It is important that children have both varieties of toys so that their development is well rounded and that they have fun.


When choosing toys for your little one, be it a little baby or toddler, it is important to buy age appropriate toys.


Buying age appropriate toys will help develop skills essential for their age group. It will also help them enjoy their toy and not feel frustrated whilst playing. There is also the safety aspect to it, which is making sure that the toy does not have choking hazards. So always buy age appropriate toys. Also buy toys that have been manufactured by reputed brands or toy companies that spend time on research & development as well as quality assessment. This way you ensure that you are buying products which are not hazardous to children.


Toddlers are curious beings who love to play and learn. Their daily experiences help them develop and so will their interaction with toys. These are some educational and recreational toys that toddlers will enjoy playing with:


  • Jigsaw Puzzles – let your toddler play with jigsaw puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles are educational toys that teach them concepts or help them learn from a theme. Additionally it helps hand eye coordination.


  • Trikes – introduce your child to a tricycle as soon as you feel that he is ready for it. He’ll have loads of fun on it and you can take it with you for a walk or when you visit a park and you’ll see your little one having loads of fun!


  • Clay or Play dough – clay and play dough helps children explore textures and will help them with gross motor skills.


  • Alphabet mat – an alphabet mat is a wonderful way of introducing your child to the alphabet and to words. You get different varieties of it. Some act like jigsaw puzzles so you can help your little one sound out the words while he put them in place. Others have built in sounds which are touch sensitive. Either way, they are a wonderful introduction to the alphabet.


  • Stacking Toy – stacking toys are wonderful at helping your little one develop his hand eye coordination. It also helps your toddler develop his thinking skills and introduces him to the concept of size and shape.


  • Building blocks– building blocks help with gross motor skills and help them express their creativity.


  • Tools Shed – toddlers can play with tools and ‘pretend’ to fix and make things. Some tool sheds have tools that are battery operated and they can make things with nuts and bolts. They are super fun and can help with fine motor skills! However, make sure your child is old enough to play with these kinds of toys. The appropriate age will be labelled on the packaging so read carefully before purchasing or giving your child to play with it.


  • Tea Party – a tea party is wonderful time to let children ‘pretend play’. You can even have an outdoor tea party. It’s lots of fun and is a good chance to teach your kids some manners and also sneak in some tasty and healthy treats!


  • Musical instruments – kids often love to play with musical instruments. It helps them explore sound and often you’ll have your little ones humming along or singing a song as they ‘play on’.


  • Activity Cube – Little ones love activity cubes and they always have endless fun with it. You can find different activity cubes in the market and they will teach your little one multiple things including – sorting, counting, the alphabet and help develop his fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Activity cubes are colourful and are simply very engaging for your child to play independently.


Play time is always fun for little kids. They will explore and learn, all while playing if you chose from the above list.

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