Pre-Natal Classes Available in Sri Lanka & What to Expect

A pre-natal class is a great way to learn about your pregnancy and get all your questions answered about pregnancy, labour and newborn baby care. Particularly if you are a first time Mum and are feeling slightly anxious, a prenatal class will make you feel more prepared about the birth of your newborn. It is also a wonderful way to network with other parents-to-be and share and obtain information.


Essentially pre-natal classes are group meetings that will provide you information and answers to your questions; these can either be an intensive one day workshop or sessions that span out for a few days.


Pre-Natal classes can cover all or some of the topics that are mentioned below:

  • Information on your pregnancy (being comfortable, warning signs to watch out for etc.)
  • Birthing options (Normal or C-Section)
  • Pain relief options
  • What to expect during your delivery
  • Relaxation & breathing techniques
  • How your partner can be involved in your pregnancy and birthing process
  • Newborn baby care
  • Information on breastfeeding
  • Baby’s development & milestones


There are different kinds of pre-natal classes and joining one that best suits your purpose will greatly help you in your pregnancy and your delivery.


  • Hospital classes – your local hospital may have prenatal classes that they offer. Sometimes they are free, particularly if they are at government owned hospitals but may be provided as an additional service if you are attending a privately owned hospital. These classes will usually be held by a mid-wife or matron/nurse who will provide you the necessary details.


  • Couples’ classes – this are usually for first time parents and is a particularly lovely way for dad-to-be to get to know what to expect regarding pregnancy and delivery. It will also help parents feel more prepared for both the birthing process as well as taking care of a newborn baby.


  • Refresher classes – these are specifically for mums who already have children but need to discuss details on their first pregnancy and labour and get details clarified.


  • Prenatal Yoga Classes – these classes concentrate on physical exercises that can be practiced during pregnancy and exercises that will help you have an easy delivery.


As with all prenatal classes, make sure that your teachers or the ones who are delivering the sessions are qualified and have been trained properly.


Pre-Natal Classes in Colombo


Prenatal at Ninewells Care Mother & baby Care
55/1, Kirimandala Mawatha,
Colombo 05.
To inquire on prenatal class call Sister Kaly – 077 357 6592 or the general number +94 11 4520999
Email –


Mohanie Ahangama pre and post birth centre


85/10, Havelock Road, Colombo 5
Telephone: 11 4514866/ 11 4517768


Aurora Yoga Studio – Prenatal Classes


Telephone: 0777703904

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