We all worry about the weight that we gain during pregnancy and we all want to get back to our pre-pregnancy weight as soon as possible. That being said, once you have your baby, there’s a lot of things that need your attention. There’s of course firstly the baby! Then there are other things around the house that need your attention, such as laundry and house hold chores. Even with a very good support group that will be there to help you with the baby, there are some things for which you cannot be substituted. Breast feeding and bonding with the baby are some things that you need to do by yourself and should not be compromised.

In the event that you have someone to help you with the baby, you can pump your milk and leave your baby for about half an hour and step out for a workout but remember, with your baby being so small you need to be there. They grow so fast and the time you spend with your little one is so precious that nothing can be possibly more important than being with them.

So in this post, we thought we’d highlight some little things that you can do at home to get back into shape:


  • Dieting – never diet during the time you are breast-feeding. Do not lower your calorie intake as you need the added calories for breast feeding. Your diet during this time should be nutritious healthy food and should be a minimum of 1800cals per day.
  • Breastfeed – breastfeeding will help your uterus return to its normal size more quickly—at about six weeks postpartum, compared with 10 weeks if you don’t breastfeed.
  • Take the stairs – if you live in an apartment or have a stairway, use it frequently. This is a simple way of burning off a few calories.
  • Exercise at home – if you have an exercise machine at home, give it a try, particularly when your baby is napping during the day or sleeping at night. You can also do a bit of exercising when your partner is spending time with your baby. Alternatively, invest in two or three workout DVD’s and exercise to that.
  • Drink plenty of water – Apart from the obvious, that it helps you stay hydrated, drinking enough water can help increase your metabolism and assist in getting back to shape.
  • Clean the house – simply cleaning the house is one way of burning off the calories. So grab that broom, bend and clean under the cupboard and mop away to a fitter you!
  • Snack healthy – instead of grabbing for that piece of cake, snack on healthy food such as dried fruit and nuts or some low-fat yogurt.


It’s understandable that you are looking forward to getting to your pre-pregnancy weight and wearing your old and smaller clothes. Nevertheless, stay away from weight loss drinks including green tea if you are breast feeding. Spending time with your little one and seeing his developmental milestones are a very important part of motherhood so balance your activities and as your newborn gets older you will find yourself having more time to attend fitness classes and the like to lose more weight. In the meantime, keep eating and snacking healthily as well as keep on your feet so that you can lose more calories.


Here’s what a few mums we spoke to on getting back to shape had to say:

“I used to exercise once the baby was a sleep. I remember doing my leg raisers. I think it really helped me with reducing my tummy”
Dinali, Mum of Keshani Age3 Years

“It took me a bit of time getting back to shape after I had my first one. In fact I think it took me about a year. I felt I needed to spend my time with my little one. After that, I joined a gym. It was really difficult at first. I was so out of shape, but then I kept at it and finally got back to my old shape.”
Rukmali, Mum of Heshan Age 3 Years

“I bought a Zumba DVD, it’s fun! It’s like all those times I used to dance before I had my little one!”
Shabee, Mum of Zara Age 2 months

“I was going back to work so I wanted to look good. So when baby was 2 and half months, I would leave my little one with my mother after his morning feed. There were many times I couldn’t finish a whole class, but I though doing something was better than nothing.”
Christine, Mum of Jason Age 4 years

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