Things to do with an infant during the first year to keep them happy and entertained…

Now that your little bundle of joy has arrived there are plenty of fun things to do with him to help him be a social, happy and well-developed baby. Bonding with your baby with play and fun activities will have a host of benefits that include not only the start of a good relationship but will also help him develop his vocabulary, spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination and help him develop a happy psyche.


Here are some happy activities that you can do with your 1-12 month old baby!


1. Play with a rattle or his favourite toy


Make sure you give age appropriate toys to your little one. These toys will help him develop his awareness of the outside world. It will help him explore sight, sound and touch. As a very young baby, playing with a rattle or a particular favourite toy will help him with his hand eye coordination. As he grows older, playing with age appropriate toys will help increase his gross motor skill functions and much later his fine motor skills.


2. Roll a ball


When your baby is able to sit down, sit him on a mat and roll a ball. Make him sit with his feet apart and you can sit a foot or two away from him with your feet apart and roll the ball to him and get him to roll it to you too. These develop gross motor functions as well as help improve hand eye coordination. It’s simply tons of fun with your baby laughing and is a good way for Mummy to relax a bit too!


3. Baby pool time


If you have an inflatable baby pool at home, this can be lovely fun and a wonderful way for baby to cool off in this heat! Get some baby friendly bath time bubbles and you’ve just doubled the fun time. Remember to never leave your baby unsupervised whenever he is in the pool no matter how short the time is and no matter how ‘safe’ it might seem.


4. A walk in a park


Apply some mosquito repellent, get your little one into a stroller and head over to a park. A morning time walk is good for the baby as he gets his all-important Vitamin D and it’s a wonderful excuse for Mummy to get some exercise too.


5. Sing


Introduce your baby to nursery rhymes from as young as possible. You’ll be having so much fun while your baby tries to join along. This will help with his vocabulary too.


6. Read to baby


Reading to a baby is very important. From the time your baby starts to be more aware of what’s going on around him, start reading to him. This can be before bedtime or you can have a special reading time during the day. Make it a habit and you won’t regret it. Always make sure that you buy age appropriate books so that it engages your baby.


7. Peek-A-Boo


Little ones love playing peek-a-boo and it’s oodles of fun and distracting when they get crotchety.
8. Play with Play dough – let your little one enjoy different textures as he plays with play dough. He’ll enjoy the squishy squashy feeling of it.


9. Paint


Yes painting is possible. It is very important to get non-toxic, age appropriate paint. Lay a paper and let your little one ‘mess’ around with some colours! You’ll have some lovely hand prints that you can frame up later!


10. Jump around


Get yourself a baby jump-about door bouncer. Your baby will have lots of fun, plus it’s very good for strengthening your baby’s leg and lower back muscles. Never leave your baby unattended in a bouncer and it’s not recommended to let him bounce for longer than 30 minutes.


Play time with your baby helps engage your baby and it’s also a time for you to bond with your little one. Happy babies are babies that get attention and who are kept occupied. The most important thing about the activities that we have listed above is that it will help your baby’s development. So we really do hope that baby and you have lots of fun and lots of giggles.

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