3rd week

Growth of the baby


Your baby is a flat disk of cells enclosed in a shell made up of cells. The outer shell develops into the placenta. The shell envelops three cavities called the chorionic cavity, the amniotic cavity and the yolk sac. Yolk sac gets incorporated into the gut and the other two fuse and mature to make the “water bag” later.

The flat disk of cells (the baby) becomes thicker this week. It prepares to change shape and grow into the unmistakable body of a baby. It commits parts of it to make specific parts and organs of the baby. By the end of the 3rd week the baby remains a thick flat disk of cells, but all primed and ready.


How life changes for mommy


If you planned your pregnancy, then you are a happy mommy thinking of good things coming soon. There are certain instances where women feel nauseous and get morning sickness by this time but it is rare to get it so soon. Other than that there is absolutely no outwardly obvious change in your body during the third week.

Sometimes there might be a bit of bleeding as the baby penetrates into the wall of your womb. This is called implantation bleeding and can mislead you to think you had your periods. Therefore it is better to check if you are pregnant after 10 days, if you had unprotected sex during the fertile period of your cycle.

If you didn’t plan your pregnancy, you would be expecting your period right about now. You feel that you are late in having your periods. You start to wonder if you are pregnant in light of the unprotected sexual encounter you had recently.


What to do for a happy pregnancy


From third week onwards comes the time you should be thinking of a booking visit to the obstetrician. You should remember to get registered in the antenatal clinic in the office of the medical officer of health in your area. The midwife of your area can play a vital role in helping you through your pregnancy and after you have the baby.

Midwives are well trained field staff officers and they make regular visits to your house. Many women in Colombo and its suburbs do not know of this system and they depend in their VOG only. VOGs are highly trained experts in the subject and have many demands on their time. They might not have the time to attend to every tiny twinge in your pregnancy. You can avoid a lot of hassle by following this public health system also.

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