What they say about your children needing your presence more than presents is true. Creating happy family moments is all about creating memories, enriching your children’s lives and having a good time.


This idea for fun time is based around the Mount Lavinia and Ratmalana area. We suggest you start the day with visiting the Sri Lanka Air Force Museum and then head for lunch at the beach and spending some time on the beach! Please note that the Sri Lanka Air Force Museum is open from 09.00am to 05.00pm every day except Monday and Public Holidays.


Remember, you can opt to buy your snacks and meals on the way, though sometimes, I make the extra effort and pack a picnic which is equally if not more fun! I know there’s a bit of extra work with the preparing and packing but it’s worth the effort. Don’t also forget to pack the very important beach toys. You can carry with you some buckets, spades, other traditional beach toys, a beach ball and of course the towels! Your little ones and you can have hours of fun making sand castles and playing with a beach ball or some cricket on the beach.


So, we start of with visiting the Sri Lanka Air Force Museum. It is situated in Ratmalana, a drive of less than 45 minutes depending of course on traffic. Charges for tickets are as follows:

Sri Lankan Adult – Rs. 100.00
Sri Lankan Child – Rs. 25.00
Foreigners – US $10.00
Foreigner Kids – US $ 3.00


There’s a lot to discover and there’s plenty to walk around and explore. The main hangar has some wonderful exhibits of airplanes, some of them which are very big and it’s simply lovely to be in close proximity of all the airplanes. I remember seeing a plane which was so huge and my son at that time was rather small and the size looked completely magnificent! As you walk around there’s also other areas like the vehicle hangar, aircraft engine model area and other general exhibits. There’s also a souvenir shop right at the entrance which I suggest you visit at the end of your visit. They have some nice little knick-knacks including pens, pencils as well as models which you can purchase.


After your visit to the Air Force Museum, you can head over to the Mount Lavinia beach side which has plenty of restaurants to choose from. If you already have packed a picnic lunch, just lay it out on the beach side, bask in the sun and enjoy. I’d advice you to stay around an area where there is a shop or two mainly because this way you can get some iced water or drinks when you want too! Please take note of your surroundings, especially since Sri Lanka has seasons when the beach is rather rough. Usually there are red flags that alert people when the sea is unsafe for swimming but in case you’ve chosen a spot where the flags have not been put up, it’s always best to ask the locals or people at the beach side restaurants if the sea is okay for a dip!


Really, we are quite blessed that we are so close to sea and that there are now such places as Museums. We hope that you will you will visit our recommended places for a fun day with your family!

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