Tummy healthy – Baby happy: Constipation in young children

A child’s happiness is the bliss of a mother and a father. A baby’s happiness is taken off with the facts like stomach pain and dehydrated tummies. This article will be helpful in relieving your baby’s discomfort. If there is a prolonged absence or difficulty in pooping, it can definitely be a sign of constipation. To examine this disease condition nature of the poop and the interval between the pooping should be considered.


Nature of the poop


Mostly, solid and clay like dried poop is passed out with extreme difficulty.


Interval between pooping


The usual interval between pooping is prolonged. Normally it can exceed 24 hours. If it longs more than 48 hours, it is the time to consult a doctor.


Reasons for constipation


Main reason for the cause of constipation of an infant is the less intake of water, fruits and fibrous food needed for the smoothness of the faeces.


Often seen after 6 months – the period in which the external food is fed.


Mostly constipation occurs during the time period when mothers cease breast feeding and go for solid food. It is extremely rare for an exclusively breastfed baby to be constipated. But when external food/ baby food are not given in the correct amounts there is a risk of facing this condition at the time of ceasing breast milk.

The food fed to them must be easy and finely digestible. Well washed leaves and finely smashed potato are some of these. Another reason for constipation of infants is the intake of several medicines. Special attention should be considered when taking antibiotics, pain killers and medicines to lower fever. Ruptures in the lower end of the alimentary tract can cause constipation as well and constipation can lead to formation of streaks in lower alimentary part. It is necessary to take medical advice for this condition. Some medicine also cause these ruptures. Doctors name this condition as “Anal Pressure”.


Cause of occasional constipation ….


There are several reasons for the cause of occasional constipation. Decrease in production of thyroxin from thyroid gland is one of them. The critical condition of this is known as ‘cretinism’.

Constipation may also occur due to abnormalities in intestine, systic fibrosis and changes in enzyme production due to liver abnormalities.

Dehydration during summer time also leads to constipation.

A child with constipation faces difficulties during pooping and cries in pain or shouts. The pain is known as “Colic pain”. Solid and dry faecal parts will be passed out.


Safety measures to be taken


Let the child drink water during and in between meals, add well washed vegetables to meals and often give water to the kid to avoid dehydration.

If the infant faces constipation for certain medicines, inform the doctor. If the constipation condition is lasting for a long time, it is much better to consult a doctor rather than going for other homemade treatment. Especially when it is “anal pressure” , in which the anal end is ruptured, one should meet the doctor immediately.


Do nots


One should not give medicine arbitrarily at any cost to an infant suffering from constipation, especially types of laxatives, which increases bowel movement.

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