Week 25

Growth of the baby -What happens this week:


Your baby is now about 14 inches long and gaining weight fast as he/she is adding more fat to it’s body. In the meantime it’s practicing various movements too, probably preparing for a lot of action after coming to our world. Now the baby can feel salty taste in addition to the sweet taste it learned about a week or a two ago! Your baby’s eye sight is now working. It would turn its head if you shine a light on you tummy.


The testicles of the baby boys are growing steadily now while the baby girl are generating eggs in their ovaries which will be released over the whole life time.


How life changes for Mummy – physical and emotional changes


While the happiness is overflowing, you might be feeling a bit challenging physically these days. Some of the symptoms will be; Nasal stuffiness (due to hormonal activity), Sleep difficulties (because of the growing belly), Strange dreams, Frequent urination, Constipation, Backaches, Stretch marks, Skin discoloration/ rashes, Swollen feet and ankles etc. Back ache is very common because growing baby shifts your center of gravity and your back muscles try to compensate.


Achiness & Numbness in fingers and wrist can be signaling the carpel tunnel syndrome, which happens due to the swelling and accumulation of some soft tissues in the wrist area.


What to do this week for a happier pregnancy (tests to take, vital nutrition, exercises, tips to manage physical unease etc.)


Your blood pressure and blood sugar levels will be regularly monitored during each clinic visit. Another test is the urine test to check if there is a sign of protein in your urine, which occurs due to the condition known as “Pre-eclampsia”. It is a good idea to get your blood pressure checked regularly by a general practitioner close to your home, in between visits to your obstetrician. Always maintain records.


If you have signs of carpel tunnel syndrome, get it checked. A constant numbness can be a signal of a damage that might last. You might need surgery if there is demonstrable nerve function deficit. Make sure you eat well, including sources of vitamin B6 such as dark green vegetables, avocados, tuna fish varieties, raisins, bananas & spinach etc.
Remember to remove your ring regularly, without your notice your fingers swells and removal of the ring may not be possible, sometime rings have to cut to release the pressure

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