Week 26

Growth of the baby -What happens this week:


Your baby little more than 14 inches long, weighs about 750 grams and is working on collecting more and more fat to the body. Now not only the ears, the eyes of the baby are also in action. Your baby’s eye lids open right about now. If you hold a light close to the tummy of the mother, you will notice the baby turning because of the sensitivity to light. In the mean time the baby is preparing to breath too. His respiratory system is working now. He is trying to move them and be ready to take the first breath outside the mother’s womb.


How life changes for Mummy – physical and emotional changes


You will see the size of your belly has grown quite big and not even able to see the feet when you look down. It will be normal to have a slight increase in blood pressure, but anything more than slight will be causing you trouble. Your blood pressure fluctuates during pregnancy. It tends to rise till 12 weeks, drop till 24 weeks and rise afterwards towards delivery. If you experience headaches, abdominal pain, bleeding nose, or chest pain notify the doctor immediately. These are known to be associated with “pre-eclampsia”.


Aching backs, leg cramps and swelling is commonplace at this stage of pregnancy. You can expect a weight gain of about 10kg during these weeks.


What to do this week for a happier pregnancy (tests to take, vital nutrition, exercises, tips to manage physical unease etc.)


While you should continue to keep an eye on the blood pressure and blood sugar levels, you can manage some of the minor physical discomforts due to the growing size of the belly. Get some extra pillows to help you with the sleep. Remember to keep pillows on your back so that you sleep on your left. On Internet you may find the pattern block to stitch your own pregnancy pillow or even buy one if you wish.


If you experience constipation, have a fiber diet with brown rice, lentils & vegetables. Also this food will act as a good source of vitamin B.


Look around to find an antenatal class, the midwives who serve your neighborhoods will organize one with the Medical Officer of Health assigned to your area. If you are getting private medical service, you may join a parent-crafting program at a leading hospital.

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