Week 28

Growth of the baby -What happens this week:


Your baby continues to gain weight while keeping almost the same length during this week too. Now it weighs around 1 Kg. If at all, it will grow only a few centimeters. Baby’s bones are almost as calcified as in a new born. They remain soft and pliable. The baby is covered in a layer of hair known as lanugo. The well-formed eye lids are helping the baby to open and close the eyes and eye brows are quite visible too.


How life changes for Mummy – physical and emotional changes


You are now in the third trimester. That’s the home stretch. The conditions such as leg cramps, varicose veins and hemorrhoids (piles) are still likely to persist or appear anew. Your expanding uterus is now pressing up against the diaphragm or the muscle that helps you breathe. This might lead to difficulties in breathing. If you feel shortness of breath, take a more breaks than usual. If you had asthma you are likely to have an exacerbation.


In addition to the physical discomforts, you are likely to get some weird thoughts in your mind, wondering if you can take all the challenges of delivering a baby and bringing it up. Always talk to your friends who has been through this positively and get a better idea of how it all will work out finally. Family support is essential right now and beyond.


You are likely to experience restless leg syndrome too. This is the urge to move the lower legs while you are trying to sleep.


What to do this week for a happier pregnancy (tests to take, vital nutrition, exercises, tips to manage physical unease etc.)


You should be seeing the doctor every two weeks now. He will assess your baby’s growth, listen to its heart beat and may prescribe a scan or a CTG (cardio-tocogram). Keep an eye on your baby’s movements. If you do not feel your baby move for more than 1 hour, lie down on your left side and concentrate to detect slight movements. If still no movement, go to emergency room; you need a scan / CTG. You will be given a kick count chart to keep records.


Since the baby has developed the nerve paths of the ears totally, you can read a story and even speak to the baby expressing your love.


When you sleep, keeping a pillow tucked underneath your belly will help immensely. Stretching and massaging the legs will help if you are getting the restless leg syndrome. Also it is important to cut down on caffeine intake to the body. Continue your antenatal vitamins and iron tablets as before.

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