Week 39

Growth of the baby


Your baby is ready to be born. Be ready to go into labor any moment. Your baby is on average 2.5 Kg heavy now. That’s the average for Sri Lankan babies. By now your baby sheds the lanugo hair and vernix caseosa which has been protecting its skin during the nine month long life underwater. Water becomes slightly milky as a result. Your baby has long hair and finger nail that extend beyond the fingertips. Baby’s skull bones are partially solidified. These bone retain the ability to overlap each other. This reduces the size of the baby’s head during its journey down the vagina.


How life changes for mommy


If you didn’t get labor pains until now, don’t worry. Some babies tend to take a bit more time to get the need to come out. You can wait till you go into labor spontaneously. You are anxious. You worry about your baby’s safety. Obstetricians consider the pregnancy to be overdue when you pass week 41.

If you are a diabetic patient, then obstetricians tend not to wait after 39 weeks. Studies have shown that complications can occur after 39 weeks in diabetic mothers. If you do not go into labor spontaneously you may be offered C-section.


What to do for a happy pregnancy


Be careful at home. You have a higher risks of falls due to shifted center of gravity. Practice pelvic floor exercises and back strengthening exercises. These will help you through your labor. Drink a lot of water and keep yourself well hydrated. Hygiene is important because your vaginal secretions will be more. Try to avoid long distant travel. Arrange transport for use in case of an emergency. Keep your family members close. It might help to have your parents at your place now because you might get pains when your husband is at work. If you have planned a C-section, this week is the week for you.

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