Week 40

Growth of the baby


Now your baby has reached its final stages in your womb. By the end of this week you are considered to have reached term. Your notes will say “POA – T”.

Your baby is very comfortable where he is.So you do not need to worry about its safety unless your obstetrician has outlined any possible risks that you might have. These risks are individual risk and are uncommon. If your obstetrician tells you that your baby is doing fine, then you have no reason to worry.


How life changes for mommy


Even though your obstetrician has told you to stay put and not to worry, I am sure your loved ones and friends keep advising you. Remember that advice is the only free thing we get so very often. It is very easy to get confused among the heaps of advice and different opinions. You might feel that you can’t hurt your relative’s or friend’s feeling, but try to follow the advice of your doctor.

Anticipation continues and expect to go into labor any time.


What to do for a happy pregnancy


Now that the pregnancy is almost over, I will tell you a few tips for a happy motherhood. Remember to breast feed y9our baby within one hour of birth. Your doctor and nurses will give you the baby to feed unless there are any pressing concerns.

There are certain complications of labor that I think you should be aware of. You might bleed a lot after delivery. In such a situation, your doctor will do a vaginal examination, clear out blood clots, check for any trauma and retained tissue parts. This examination process can be uncomfortable. If you bleed a lot these steps need to be taken very rapidly. So bear with them as much as you can.

After delivery, you can have bleeding for about 4-5 weeks. If you get heavy bleeding from vagina, undue abdominal pain, fever or virginal discharge come to the emergency room. You may get a contraction like pain during breast feeding. This is normal.

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